Chris Aslett: Coral Reef Expert

With over four decades of experience in marine life, Chris Aslett is an expert in his field. A marine savant with several qualifications including a Research Masters in Applied Fish Biology majoring in coral disease. Chris has dedicated his life to all things aquatic, and there is little he does not know.

A talented author

Christopher Aslett

An already published author, Chris turned his hand to writing this extensive guide for maintaining reef fish and corals. Chris wished to provide a resource that benefitted those with no previous experience to advanced aquarist. With his impressive background, you can be sure that no stone is left unturned.

The level of detail in the book, from information to imagery, demonstrates Chris’s clear passion and exceptional understanding.

A cutting-edge, comprehensive guide

Chris has created a vast resource with all the reader will ever need to sustain thriving reef fish, corals, and invertebrates that perfectly encapsulates the author’s remarkable array of expertise. If you want to expand your understanding of mariculture, then Chris’s specialist manual is the one for you.

Chris has wonderfully combined leading ground-breaking scientific and practical knowledge from his years of first-hand experience, written in the simplest of terms making the book a joy to read.

The book’s creation fills a void in the market, with every purchase contributing to reef conservation as copies are distributed to all exporters.

Reef aspirations

Rachel: Do reefs have a future?

Chris: Tropical corals are migrating poleward into subtropical regions, demonstrating adaptation in an ever-changing climate. A decade ago, 40 percent of fish in export hubs did not survive, and 65 percent of reef newcomers left the hobby due to failure and bitter disappointment. I hope to ensure success by arming exporters and aquarists with the necessary tools. Such guidance must be sustained as nascent reefs develop in uninhabited territories. Specimen survival will increase prices because fewer animals are captured, and most will thrive. I wish to empower exporters with rights over marine resources as they become ever-vigilant local reef custodians, policing environmentally sound sustainable practices.

A reef success

Chris is the go-to resource for information on aquatics and coral reefs, his authority being second to none. Access to Chris’s knowledge will not end there. He will continue to share his life’s work and findings through weekly articles and YouTube videos.

From fish enthusiast to industry leader

From age four, Chris has demonstrated a natural passion and flair for aquatics and has dedicated his entire life to honing his craft. From designing and building equipment to establishing a thriving specialist marine store, The Reef Ranch®.

Such was the success of his store; it developed into a marine consultancy for domestic and commercial clients keen to gain more of Chris’s time and knowledge.

Not only did he have a successful retail business, but he also found time to dedicate himself to postgraduate aquaculture research, further cementing his status as a field leader.

His passions have driven him to create a reef conservation manual which he has painstakingly crafted for the past six years. This comprehensive guide is perfect for marine enthusiasts, relevant commercial trades, and reef academics hoping to rival wild reef ecology.

Rachel Scott,

A Conservation Manual

The most comprehensive all-you-will-ever-need-to-know guide for maintaining captive reef fish, corals, and invertebrates from a qualified scientific author with over forty-five years of domestic and commercial practical experience. A single resource promoting the reader from zero understanding to advanced aquarist with over seven hundred and fifty sizeable pages with over thirteen hundred compelling images. Whether managing home reef or fish-only systems, commercial export/retail systems, large public displays or performing objective science, this volume features all aspects of marine husbandry including system design/maintenance, trace element and DIY supplement formulations, reef/fish lighting and DIY LED pendants, reef pest/parasite control, nutrient and algae management, fish/coral nutrition and compatibility, aquascaping and décor, reef conservation, captive/wild coral culture, coral/fish disease microscopy-based diagnostics and mitigation using host defences and safe DIY chemotherapeutics. 

Until we fully appreciate what is happening at the atomic level and beyond, we cannot truly comprehend how husbandry practices impact system dynamics and the animals we wish to nurture. Explores the hitherto “assumed” fundamentals of inorganic/organic chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and virology. Combines cutting-edge scientific and practical knowhow explained in simple terms.

Promised early in the New Year 2024.